Hangs From the Front of our Booths
Steve & Benita Benitez

We have been designing and constructing Jewelry for 25 years. Steve has attended San Francisco City College and California State University,San Francisco studying art and has applied this background to our Jewelry. We both work on the designs together. Steve does the construction and most of stone setting. I assist in all clean up work, final polishing work, stone setting, and display set up.

Me and Steve

     Stones are selected and many drawings are done. Each component piece, such as leaves, is cut out of gold or silver sheet and shaped. Stems are cut and soldered to the leaf. Petals for the flowers are cut and shaped. A Bezel is made for the stone, a step Bezel or Bezel cup. A shank is cut and bent to the perfect design to fit the bezel to sit on and soldered to the shank. Each swirl is twisted and bent to form a design and many solder points to hold the pieces in position. Construction can take from 3 to 6 hours for completion. The ring will be filed then buffed with bobbing and white diamond compounds for smoothing the rough spots. The stones are set and final polishing with black rough.

Arizona Rennisance Festival Booth
     The designs are have the same feel as the Jewelry of the "Art Nouveau" era. We try to give the organic balance with the flow of the swirl, leaf and flower motif. Each piece is although similar in concept each is different in design. Our work posses the heart of that period and we bring the self-pride which was the corner stone of those times.

Cheyenne Benitez, our grand daughter

     Our designs are objects d'art, or if you like wearable sculpture. If you can bring your focus of attention to it you may enter the same world in which they were created.

Benita and our Grandaughter Desiree