P e n d e n t s 

                This is an amethyst pendent with a white sapphire on the left and a pearl and ruby on the right.  This design Seems to drip off the piece and down to a penical of white pearl like a droplet of morning dew.

This lovely piece is a long tourmaline with a single garnet at the top and a corsage of heavy growy things on top with a few strands of swril creeping it's way down the center stone



This Aquamarine piece with pearl and topped with a rose has a swriling flow down the piece almost as if the stone was only part of the growing things around the piece that is in equal prominance with it's background.

This Piece has is a combination of Mechanical metal work and the trademark rose leaf and swirl pattern. It consists of a pearl at the top, three white sapphires on the bottom, and a fresh water pearl drop stone


This Piece's stone was meticulously set having it's gallery wire formed perfectly then the stone set into it. It has a white sapphire on top and a Garnet on the bottom center, and a posh pearl strand. The swirls seem to relate this; it looks as if the stone was set down on top of it's growing background. The leaf comes up around the corner and lay gently across the top corner.

The leaves of this piece gently grow up and around it's Australian Opal Centerpiece. The rose Prominately marks the beginning, with it's garnish of pearl off to the right side, while a white sapphire, garnet, and pearl mark the soft swirling wake at the bottom


This large piece glows magnificently and quite magically, standing on it's own, and a white sapphire peaking out off just below a leaf on the left side. The only work lay above it as the leaves spill over the top under their own weight. A small rose lay nestled delicately on top with a single swirl.

This Opal  and Rodhalite Garnet  piece grows out  and away from the center,  as if it were a rose stem gone slightly arye.  It's almost as if the piece has come to life and is danceing.